Trevor Shepherd found his way into the kink community in 2004 and soon after discovered the Leather community.  Before entering the community of Leather and kink he spent his time volunteering at a local hospital, Cystic Fibrosis foundation, Park, Trail cleanup projects, and other various charities and he now uses that passion of giving back in helping others within our Leather community.  He’s honor to be a full patch member of the Columbia Leather Order since its inception and is currently the club’s Historian and Road Captain.  Quiet but not shy, hit ‘em up a topic of interest and he’ll talk. 

Kat, known as Lady Lotus after her acceptance as a full member January 13th 2018, was born and raised in Columbia SC. She is a qualified teacher by day and an exotic dancer/entertainer by night. Her birthday is June 1989 and she enjoys baking, dancing, singing, sign language, reading, cuddles, and spending time with family. Some titles she currently identifies with are switch, mommy, and little. She is a proud exhibitionist, enjoys voyeurism and spanking/floggings, and has a food fetish, though she will never quickly admit it. She's very shy when you first meet her but over time becomes quite an open book. She values respect, honesty, and general compassion and acceptance towards all. She loves to learn and is always willing to help if she can. She is a strong advocate for things she's passionate about including eating disorders, substance abuse, reaching out to the homeless and women caught up in prostitution and/or domestic violence, LGBT youth, and Deaf culture. She hopes to never stop growing and learning in the community and to one day be well known and respected for her roles in the Leather and kink scene. Although shy, she will talk to anyone about most anything. She is a fairly even mix of confidence and humility. She can be both subtle and flamboyant, sensitive yet tenacious. One of her favorite quotes is, "I'm beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws...All together I'm a Beautiful Disaster."

Originally from Memphis, TN, Troy is a Leatherman living in Columbia SC. He is a current SC Leather Ambassador and a founding member and current Run Master and Pledge Master of Columbia Leather Order. An avid football fan, you can usually find him cheering on the Tennessee Volunteers and Tennessee Titans.  An accountant by trade, Troy is a kinky sadistic switch who loves a good imperial stout, an intellectual conversation, and a nice big ass.  He believes in the Leather Clubs and can be found attending various runs throughout the year.  Always one to express his masculinity, his favorite activity is Triple S: Sex, Sandwich, Sleep.  


Little Stevie resides in Columbia , South Carolina . He stepped head first , wet behind the ears into the lifestyle in 1996 and has been a active participant in the BDSM and Leather communitys since. He feels fortunate and privileged for the people he has met and spent time with . Honored for the love , the knowledge and the experiences they have shared and helped shape who he is today. He is proudly a full patched member of Columbia Leather Order since it`s inception. He enjoys traveling thru out the Southeast to leather events , runs and conventions . He is passionate about littles ! He has created a Littles Scout Troop and littles munch group locally . He supports and advocates "Giving back to the community" His mantra " be who ever you are and stand proudly" . He identifys as little and leather boy .

After moving to South Carolina with his girl, Peach, in 2013, Tom found a home in the Leather community of the Southeast. He has been a Full Member of the Columbia Leather Order since 2014 and has served as Sergeant at Arms each year since. He has served his community through supporting charities and clubs, as well as volunteering at various events. In 2015, they created South Carolina Pride in Leather and he now co-owns and co-produces The South Carolina Leather Contest.

Flossie is the proud member of Columbia Leather Order, and proudly promotes FF&C as she did during, before and continues to do so after her title year as Ms SELF 2013.
She has attended many classes, and learned from many individuals in the community. She believes you can learn something positive from almost anyone. She loves and promotes the sensuality, sexuality, and energy of play. Some of her favorite things to do are: Florentine, singletails, needle play, foot worship, takedowns, and hands-on spankings.Her favorite saying “I don’t care what you are! Male Female or anywhere in between, if you got a hole I got something for you.

For Peach, suffering from Fibromyalgia and debilitating anxiety, 2013 was a year of great change and discovery. Moving from Midwestern Wisconsin to South Carolina in February, she dove head-on into the Local Lifestyle Community, along with her Master and Partner, Daddy Tom. By October, they made the decision to begin their journey in the South East by pledging to the Columbia Leather Order. Time flew by, filled with travel, learning and new found family, while facing the challenges of her diagnoses.
Besides discovering the cathartic and therapeutic aspects of BDSM, she has grown into her place as her Master’s slave and prized possession, as well as finding her inner Hedonist, little, Brat, Princess and even a bit of Miss Peach. She carries no flags in her pockets, because you never know what her mood will be… and they block the view of her voluptuous back side. Peach expanded her skills by orchestrating local fundraisers and volunteering for events across the region.
After the honor of becoming a Patched, Full Member April of 2014, she didn’t stop there. She has been Secretary of the Columbia Leather Order, Co-founded South Carolina Pride in Leather in 2015 and has acquired the South Carolina Leather Contest, with the goal of giving the Contest a great come back, September of 2016. In March of 2016, she became Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather and is representing the title while inspiring others that suffer from debilitating conditions to find acceptance and spread their wings.